Next-Gen PL/SQL Development

Unleash Your PL/SQL potential with Gitora Editor. With features like the AI Assistant, Dark Mode, Auto-Complete Suggestions, Package Content Browser and more, you can work smarter, not harder. Level up your coding game and take your skills to the next level. Try Gitora Editor today.

Modern Look & Feel

The Gitora PL/SQL Editor boasts a beautiful, modern design that makes it easy on the eyes and intuitive to use. With Bootstrap 5 components and Font Awesome icons you can rest assured that the editor will be both stylish and functional.

Designed from the ground up for a multi-monitor, multi-tab world the Gitora PL/SQL Editor is a single-page web application that allows you to open multiple editors in many browser tabs across multiple monitors so that you can work on complicated tasks without losing your place.

Your Own AI Pair Programmer

Chat with the Gitora AI Assistant to write, debug, improve and explain SQL and PL/SQL. Gitora AI knows about your tables and their relationships and gives context aware responses.

While you are coding, the Gitora AI Assistant uses the OpenAI GPT Turbo to suggest SQL and PL/SQL code and entire functions, procedures in real-time, right from the editor. Experience the future of PL/SQL development today and witness the power of artificial intelligence transforming your coding experience.

Powerful Debugger

Simplify and accelerate your PL/SQL debugging process. Seamlessly integrated into the IDE, our debugger enhances your development experience. Effortlessly track down and fix bugs with line-by-line analysis, breakpoint management, variable inspection and change.

You can even run multiple debug sessions concurrently, fix issues quickly and tackle complicated situations with ease. Take control of your code and elevate your PL/SQL development.

Content Navigation

Gitora's split editor lets you work on two sections of your code simultaneously, making it easy to compare code or write related sections side by side.

Package Content Browser makes jumping between procedures, and functions breeze. With just a single click, you can easily move between different parts of your code. The browser is also available for object types.

The editor remembers the locations of your cursor allowing you to easily navigate back and forth between different parts of your code with just a click, much like a browser's back/forward buttons.

With the CTRL+click command, you can quickly go to the definition of any database object in the code enabling you to move between different parts of your project with ease.

Auto Complete

The editor's smart auto-complete suggestions make it easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you are typing package, procedure or function names, the editor will suggest relevant options to help speed up your workflow.

Dark Mode

When you are working long hours on code, the last thing you want is to strain your eyes. That's why the Gitora PL/SQL Editor comes with a gorgeous dark mode that is easy on the eyes and perfect for long coding sessions.

Global Code Search

Find what you are looking for instantly with Gitora Editor's built-in code search. A single click will take you to right where you need to be.

Code Folding

Get a better view of the code structure by folding code blocks, making it easier to read and understand large chunks of code.

With many more features such as, Database Connection Management, Session Management, Persistent and Temporary Sessions, SQL Scripting, Code Highligting and Integration with Gitora Version Control, Gitora PL/SQL Editor is a great alternative to PL/SQL Developer, SQL Navigator, Oracle SQL Developer and TOAD.

Download Gitora PL/SQL Editor Today.