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Getting Started

This is the first document you should read after installing Gitora.

Gitora API's

Automate your workflow and delivery pipeline with the fully documented Gitora API's.

Agile Development with Gitora

An introduction to a more complex development workflow in which two features are being developed by two different teams simultaneously using Gitora.

Managing Tables

Learn how you can track changes to your schema objects such as tables, indexes and constraints etc... with Gitora.

How to Pull & Push

Learn how you can pull changes to a database or push to GitHub, GitBlit and similar services using Gitora.

Generating a Diff Script

Learn how you can generate a diff script to upgrade a database which is not managed by Gitora such as the production database.

Tagging Commit ID's

Learn how you can tag any Commit ID with Gitora.

Managing Database Scripts

Learn how Gitora gives you a single source of truth for database scripts and helps you manage them.

Reserve Database Objects

Find out how Gitora lets you reserve any database object to specific users, preventing unauthorized modification by others.

User Privileges

Managing a big team? Gitora Enterprise comes with a comprehensive user rights management module. Learn how you can manage access to database objects and Gitora features.

Gitora Webinar

Watch the webinar to learn how Gitora works.

Difference between Gitora and Git with SQL Developer

This is a question we get a lot.