Write Better Code, Together

Gitora is the best way to use Git with the Oracle Database. It helps you implement source control best practices instantly without interruptions to your work.

Capture Every Change

Select the database objects, click a button, done. Gitora creates well structured repos for your database objects and tracks your changes.

Execute Git In Your Database

Implement any development workflow. Commit, Branch, Merge. When you execute a Git command, Gitora updates your PL/SQL code and views in the database instantly.

Work Together

Collaborate in the same database or in separate databases. Gitora enables you to edit the same code base (packages, procedures etc..) in the same or in separate databases.

Deploy Changes With a Single Click

Move changes from one database to the other automatically or generate diff scripts. All it takes is a button click.

Manage Access to Database Objects

Prevent accidental overwrites and lost changes. Manage who can edit which database object.

Be Compliant

Always know who changed what, when and why. Gitora enforces source control at the database level without backdoors for developers and helps you to be compliant.